Frequently Asked Questions GPT King

Q: Do I need to pay for Registration?
A: No, registration is completely free; you just need a valid email address
Q: Are there any Deposit & Withdraw fees?
A:Yes But for  limited time Only :-)

For our site maintenance and administration expenses fees are mentioned bellow:
10 % fees will be charged from the total amount of withdraw requested. 
But you can save/ waive these fees by inviting only 100 Friends.
Then you will never be Charged for any Withdraw & Deposit fees forever. :-)
Q: What are Wallet Balance and cash balance?
A: Wallet Balance is the total amount of vouchers and refunds by the system, which is non-withdrawable but can be used on-site to start a new campaign.
   Cash balance is a total amount of earning by jobs, referrals, and deposits, which can be withdrawn/cash out or start a new campaign, also to generate vouchers
Success rate
Q: What is the success rate?
A: Success rate is an important part of user reputation and working experience.
You must accept the job only which you are capable to complete,
Submitting Wrong proof will be the result marked you Not satisfied and your success rate will be down.
You must maintain your success rate above 50%
Q: How success rate calculated?
A: success rate calculated on your Satisfied & Not satisfied task which you have done since you have joined.
If you have Not Satisfied jobs more than Satisfied Jobs? Your Success rate will be down. 
You must maintain Your success rate all the time by selecting a job only which you are capable to do.
(Pending task doesn't count in success rate calculation)
Q:I can not do any job as it says my success rate is down?
Success rate goes below 50 % will not be able to submit tasks or withdraw funds automatically by the system.
if you think Employer misstated you? and you can not do anymore job by system
Contact Support with Job details we will do an investigation on your proof and if you are right? 1we will reset your success-rate.
you must select the job carefully and submit the correct proof since you have two chances to do it.
Membership level 
Q: What is membership levels and benefits? 

  1. Basic member: when you joined the site you are a basic member
    Basic member will be charged for deposit & withdrawal fees

  2. Silver member: When you invite a minimum of 100 friends you become a silver member
    Silver members will not be charged for any deposit and withdrawal fees

  3. Golden member: when you invite a Minimum of 200 become a golden member
    Golden members get free gifts from the administration(ex vouchers or free campaigns)
    Golden members will not be charged for any deposit & withdrawal fees
Referral system 
Q: What is a referral system? how can I earn by referring friends? 
A: Please check the complete referral system click here to know how you can make money every day!
Q: What is Signup-Bonus and How can I use it ?
A: When you signup you will get 100 signup Bonuses deposited in your wallet balance instantly.
A signup bonus can be used to start a new campaign.
Q: I was not log-in since long, my account will be suspended?
No, But you must be log-in once in 30 days or your balance will be expired, the account will never be suspended.
Even you are not completing any job, you can just log-in and log-out once in 30 days into your account
so the system will keep your account active and we will be sure that you are still active with our site.